The Art and Science of Branding with Textured Boxes

If you want your product to stand out on a store shelf, consider diverting from the traditional and smooth-surfaced packaging which people know about. The innovative approach to consider aims to apply unique textures into the packaging materials so that consumers can get an engaging along with memorable packaging experience. Textured boxes are the ones that are able to fulfill this aim and give you packaging that will feel and even look good.

This packaging solution is becoming more popular as the boxes excite shoppers making them want to hold the box for longer and get to know about what you are selling.

The following looks at the art and science of branding with the help of textured packaging:

Unique Sensory Experiences

When a brand uses unique sensory experiences, they can attract shoppers towards their company making them want to pick the box up and see the way that it feels. The texture you have included on the box makes them want to interact with the packaging making them more likely to buy the product. More satisfied senses results in higher product recall as well.

In this way you will be able to market your brand making people remember it. You can add unique textures that will allow people to know about the type of product you are selling. These textures can be gotten by embossing, debossing, as well as including pores or even grooves so that extra dimension can be added to the packaging.

Cost-Effective Procedure

Textured packaging designs are able to provide a product with a more premium type of look and feel, but these will not cost you much as well. The reason is that many of the textures are able to be easily included on the packaging material when the initial molding stage is occurring.

You will therefore be able to get high-end packaging that will help with branding and which will not cost your company too much.

Adding Brand Information

You can include a textured impact on your brand details so that your customers can remember this more easily. For instance adding debossing or embossing on your logo will make it feel different and people will even remember it more. A brand logo is the detail that you can include on packaging to help with brand awareness.

Printed texture and linen boxes are able to help with increasing brand recognition when you add your company’s details on them prominently.

High-Quality Packaging

The boxes need to be made with good-quality packaging materials if you want the packaging to be able to positively market your brand. The packaging materials you choose should feel good as well so that when the customer holds the box they will know that they are buying something that is strong.

A positive brand impression is able to be given in this way. Cardboard texture and linen boxes will help with branding as the box will be strong and of a high-quality able to protect your products. Your products will be able to remain secure in this type of packaging and you can brand your company positively as well.

Good Looking Packaging Design

The packaging should be able to attract therefore you need to design it amazingly alluring your target audience to it so that they will feel its texture. If the packaging does not stand out, customers will not be drawn to it and will not feel the texture that you have included on it.
The way you design the box should be such that it can stand out convincing people to pick up the box from the shelf. You should choose the colors to add on custom texture and linen boxes after knowing what colors mean so that the right ones can be added that will give people a unique impression of your brand.

For example if you want a color scheme that will suggest simplicity and elegance, you can include colors like white, gold, black, etc. on the packaging as these will be able to give this image to people.

Images are even able to be added to make the packaging look good. This can happen when you include images that let people know about what you are selling. You can add a textured impact on the image that you include if you wish to highlight it and make people remember it.

You can enhance your branding aims with the help of texture and linen packaging if you design these boxes carefully keeping your consumer base in mind. The packaging should be able to stand out to people even when it is placed with the crowded competition so that your target audience will easily notice it and finally end up buying the product you are selling.

Include important brand details on the box so that the packaging can help with letting people know that your brand is one worth considering.

The Art and Science of Branding with Textured Boxes